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Thursday, February 26, 2009

DMX MisBehavin' jail.

Rapper DMX has reportedly attacked a corrections officer. Reports say that DMX (real name Earl Simmons) threw a tray of food at the officer when he was told that he could not have a dinner meal he took from a serving tray.

Simmons is currently serving the 90-day sentence that stemmed from
Arizona drug and animal cruelty charges. This incident could give him eight more years.

This is apparently the second incident involving the rapper since he started his term. According to AzCentral and TMZ on the first incident:

'He was moved from Tent City to a solitary cell, where he will spend 23 hours a day, following a verbal altercation with Maricopa County Sheriff's detention officers on Sunday (February 8). The rapper will likely remain for the next month, said Lt. Brian Lee, a sheriff's spokesman. DMX was serving his 90-day sentence with more than 2,000 other inmates in Tent City until Sunday, when he refused to report for his designated job in the jail.'(AzCentral)

After X failed to report for his medication, officials say the former platinum rapper began cussing at officers and threatened to "assault somebody to get some respect." It all started when he refused to report for work, telling officers, "I already have a job and don't need this (expletive)." (TMZ)

And now this? Does anyone else think now that the man needs some help? Clearly something is wrong with him (mentally).

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