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Friday, September 24, 2010

Consumed Links - September 24, 2010

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As another crazy week ends... here we go again.

What is the RIAA Hoping To Change? From Hypebot: 'In a recent interview Joel Tenenbaum was asked what he had hoped to change when he stood up against the RIAA and refused to agree to a settlement. He fired back, “I’m not ‘hoping to change’ anything… Maybe the better question is: What is the RIAA hoping to change?'  

Do you think Michael would have wanted this? From Yahoo!News: 'The Michael Jackson estate has entered a licensing deal with a Los Angeles company that will create an online virtual world based on the King of Pop called "Planet Michael." '  READ MORE

Myspace has lost so much over the last few years. It looks like they are ready to give it another try to win back our hearts. TechCrunch:  'It’s no secret that embattled MySpace is working on a complete redesign of its site in hopes of reversing the staggering loss of users and traffic over the last couple of years.'

So, you may think that terrestrial radio is dead... well, by the looks of things presented, that may not be so. READ MORE

And finally, because I felt this was an important article for twitter users. It made me think about my use. 


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