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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Looking Back – 2009 – Part 2

In the last post we said hello and goodbye to some old “friends.” But what else happened in 2009?  Here’s what went on here in case you missed it.



As Clone Records announced they were closing, SONiVox announced a new standalone – Playa (notables).

Did you check out GrossBeat and Earmaster? - (tech)

Akai gave us a Vintage Sample Pack (akai)

It was reported RapidShare in Germany was giving up user info (rs)

Those Logitech speakers were really nice (speakers)

Pioneer introduced something special and Soundforge got updated (toys)

Dumb Criminals:

We started the year off with 2 stories about men in the UK. One lied about his disability and the other a milkman who sold more than milk. (things)

Let’s not forget the boss that none of us want -- (naughtyboss)

When you get arrested over an eggbeater…. (what?)

How do you rob a bank that isn’t a bank? (you can’t)

So he thought whistling was funny…. (whistler)

This neighbor was caught…with her panties (neighbor)

Man Ticketed for Cursing… (lawnstory)

So the customer may not always be right. (don’t hit the customer)

You are under arrest for barking… (dog)

HorrorCore rapper arrested (lol)

Bonus recommended reading:

 Feb 14

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 June 1

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 October 16

 November 27

 December 23




In case you have missed this series – these were the choices –

Something For Your Ears featuring:



Cynergy 67

The Pimps Of Joytime

Massive Attack

Assemblage 23

JD Webb






…….and a reminder - Did you know laughing is aerobic? Not only does it make you feel better but it provides a workout for your diaphragm and increases your body's ability to use oxygen. Now go watch a comedy you love and surround you with people who make you laugh.

Now that we looked at the past… let’s move on. Thanks for reading!



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